Crafting Together

The Bramble Berry studio recently took some time to decorate mugs together. Afterward, we took some time to reflect on trying new crafts together versus alone. Which do you prefer?

Circular AM.png

Anne-Marie, CEO

I would much rather tackle a new project or task with others. It’s so much more fun to do something with other people because shared experience creates meaning.

Circular AK.png

Amanda, Creative Director

If I have the space and all the materials, I love making new things with other people. It's fun to bounce ideas off each other, and having people to laugh with if the project doesn't go quite as planned is always nice. There are usually a few people who excel in whatever the project is, which can be helpful to emulate how they are doing the project, or to ask for help. 

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Kayla, Marketing Coordinator

I prefer to try new projects with others because I like to learn from their perspective and take on what the final outcome should be. Collaborating creatively always seems to have a better outcome. 

Circular Kelsey.png

Kelsey, Editorial Director

I love trying DIY projects with others. I have a type A personality, so I tend to overthink and get frustrated when something doesn’t turn out the way I planned. Having a friend around helps me focus on the moment rather than the small details. I enjoy the laughs, inspiration, and encouragement.