I’m Anne-Marie. I’m passionate about creativity and I believe it’s essential for everyone. That passion led me to found Bramble Berry Handcraft Provisions in 1998. Through Bramble Berry I’m able to inspire, cheerlead, coach, and lead our 60,000 customers - most of whom are small businesses that sell soap at farmers markets.

My mission statement has been the same since we started:

I use my forward-thinking positivity to encourage women to lead lives of distinction that bring them joy.

My passion doesn’t stop there. I want to learn everything I can about making things from scratch. That’s what this website is all about. You can follow along with my journey as I try everything DIY, including cheese, candles, bitters, and more. You can also learn about how I keep my body and mind healthy so I can harness and explore that creative energy.

Let me show you that Handmade is Bestmade.