Brush Lettering with LabColors

Hand lettering with LabColors from Bramble Berry was way easier to do than I expected. After an ill-fated exploration with the dip pen, I was expecting an equally poor first try with Labcolors. The LabColors were mixed with water to create DIY watercolors with supplies we had in the studio.

The brush lettering requires such a steady hand and an even amount of watercolor so I had psyched myself up to fail quickly. It turned out exactly the opposite! After the first few passes, I started to like the hand lettering with the LabColors and brush even more than I liked working with the Tombow brush pens.

The shakes and the inconsistencies in the ink seemed to make everything look and feel much more artistic than the brush lettering with the pens. Additionally, I love how you can blend colors with the LabColors to get any number of amazing hues and shades.

This is definitely a practice I’m going to keep doing. I’ll never be without a greeting card again!