Handstand Update


My foray into the world of all things handstands is going well. I’m working on it diligently for 5 minutes a day, five days a week. It turns out that just like the splits, handstands is not exactly as easy as it would appear to be. The challenge I’m finding with learning to do the handstand is that my arms don’t want to lock out. My shoulders are pretty locked down and tend to roll forward (thanks desk work!) so getting to a straight-line handstand means unpacking those shoulders. Shoulder flexibility is key for handstands. It’s not just about strength. Additionally, the wrists and shoulders really take a beating when doing handstands so keeping them supple and strong is key.  So I’m been doing a surprising amount of stretches in addition to some strength training.

It’s been a harder process than I expected. I am pretty fit. I work out almost daily. So, to not be even close to successful after a couple months of effort has been a mental reset. It might be one of those goals that I meet right at the end of the year, just like the splits!