Finishing Up That Book

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I’ve had such a fun week. Much of this week has been devoted to starting to plan for 2019 (yes, that starts early at Bramble Berry). It’s been inspiring to future-shift and start thinking about what is new, different and big that we can introduce our customers to. We’ve also been working hard at the studio on our new collection, so look for some innovative and exciting ingredients and fragrances in a few weeks at Bramble Berry.  We started with our Basic Shapes silicone mold collection, and I’m swooning over the guest oval one.

The Milk Soapmaking book is in its second round of edits; this time with a copywriter. I’ll have the manuscript back on the 9th, just in time to not be able to work on it for even a minute. That’s because starting Monday, I have 6 days of full time photo shoots for the book. And when I say “full time”, I mean … full full full full time. I’ll be on my feet all day, trying to make and photo shoot 6 recipes per day. That doesn’t sound like that much but when you consider set up, take down, dishes, prep and getting the perfect shot for each and every instructional photo? It’s a lot.

It takes focus and it takes a team. I’ll have two full time team members (Nicole and Lara) helping the process go smoothly. Of course, we’ll be sharing lots of behind the scenes on the Bramble Berry Instagram and , so look for that starting Monday. I’m so excited to share this book with you. It’s been a long time coming and it’s going to be great.

The book is going to cover every single type of milk I could make or get my hands on; everything from homemade banana milk to donkey milk to chia seed ‘milk’. I’m trying to make a textbook treatise on how to handle every kind of milk or milk alternative anyone could soap with and can hardly wait for it to come out this fall.