I Was Dimed Out

It’s been a fun but long spring break week. The kiddos went to a spring break camp, and we celebrated Easter with my folks.

Chris has been gone to Saudi Arabia for the last week. He does large scale gas pipeline inspection. When he leaves, it’s tradition that I do something around the house that I’ve been asking (nagging) for for a while. Last time he was gone, I installed a new bidet toilet myself. The time before that, I surprised him by installing a hidden smart TV that we could watch movies on (which, we still have yet to watch a movie on but … one day!). This time, if you’ve been following on my Instagram story this week, you know that I went big this time: a new backsplash in the kitchen and painting the kitchen and living room, all in 7 days, while Chris is gone, as a big surprise.


Only, I didn’t exactly pull it off because my kids totally dimed me out (what the what)? We always talk to Chris via Facetime whenever we can, usually around meals since the time difference is brutal. I gave Lily the phone, only to look over and find her whispering into the camera. And then I hear Chris say, “Turn the camera around Lily and show me.” And, I knew it wasn’t going to be a surprise anymore. Whoops! After that happened, Jamisen told on me for the painting too!

What’s the world coming from when the kiddos won’t lie for me? (haha; clearly I am joking. I like that they want their Dad to be involved in every aspect of our lives when he’s traveling, even if it ruins my surprise). So, stainless steel backsplash + Sherman Williams Dover White is almost done, right in time for him to walk off a plane, exhausted, and sleep for 20 hours straight. The kids will be thrilled he’s home, and in turn, I hope he’s equally thrilled about the big surprise.