Cheesemakers Make Soap

I had an incredible time learning at the Ferndale Farmstead. The owners, Daniel and Nidia, were so warm, friendly and giving of their time. When I told them about the similarities between soapmaking and cheesemaking, they wanted to learn more.

So we hosted them at the studio and walked Daniel and Nidia through the basics of soapmaking using the Bramble Berry 10” silicone loaf mold and the Lots of Lather Quick Mix. We scented our soaps with essential oils, colored them with micas and topped them with new Bramble Berry Modern Floral Collection flowers. I especially liked that their textured top techniques were naturally different than my go-to (peaks in the middle) and were unique from everyone in the studio.

Not surprisingly, with their natural inclinations towards chemistry coupled with a natural figure-it-out factor, they took to soapmaking quickly. It was fun to watch the realization dawn on their faces as they saw the clear similarities with soapmaking and cheesemaking. Both of them take a alchemical reaction; they both involve transformation of some type from simple ingredients.

It was a delight to teach them both, and I’m looking forward to continuing our kitchen chemistry friendship when they want to learn about how to soap with whey.